Our Story

We began as the brainchild of a technology grant I received from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, and have evolved to become a grassroots movement in STEM using multiple modalities such as mobile applications, children's books, and interactive classes.

Our Mission

LPP aims to empower, educate, and lead young girls in Science and Technology and reduce the gender disparity in STEM education. Our main approach is through innovative development of learning tools and programs. We invite high school students from area high schools with a technical background to contact us if interested in participating or joining our team.


A hackathon with a spin where we bring the youngest forward thinking innovators (girls grades 4-6) together, and partner them with high school students mentors. Creating spaces where they can engage and build confidence in using technology.

Children's Book

"Little Pi and her dog Peanut go for walks around Loop Park every day"
An excerpt from the creative computer science Children's book, Little Pi and Peanuts, Adventures with Loops, Stacks and Queues. Little Pi Book Cover

Mobile App

Choose your processes and track your learning with the press of a mobile app button when ever you want. This is an app that helps fosters long-term retention instead of rote memorization

Our Causes

Learning Pathways Project educates and empowers young students using multiple modalities such as mobile applications, and interactive e-labs for learning. Since we have multiple products and services, our outreach occurs in different ways. Overall in 2014, we have reached more than 500 students and in 2016 over 1100 students. We are really proud of that! We have a strong core team of dedicated high school students who like me have displayed a lasting passion for teaching and learning.

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Empower youth in STEM

While you can volunteer with us directly, even traveling to provide needy communities and schools with hands on computer science learning outreach activities, materials and education, there's much you can do on your own. Contact us to learn more.

Raised: $110Goal: $1000
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Little Pi & Peanuts, Adventures with Loops, Stacks and Queues

Go on an adventure with Little Pi as she teaches you concepts from Computer Science.
You can buy this book through Amazon.Donate a book to your local school or library! Start a Book Club; Read to elementary students in your neighborhood.

Raised: $300Goal: $2,100

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Join our team & Develop Apps

Do you know programming? Come and Bring your skills to develop tools that will make learning fun and empower the students by enhancing education.

Raised: $500Goal: $3500


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today!
- Malcolm X

Help us to collect $4000 for 2019 # firsthack.

Raised: $100 Goal: $4,000

Our Volunteers

One metric that Learning Pathways (LPP) uses for success is the number of young girls we are able to reach and engage within the areas of computer science and STEM. Since we have multiple products and services, our outreach occurs in different ways. Overall since 2014, we have reached more than 900 students and we are really proud of that! We have a strong core team of dedicated high school students who like me have displayed a lasting passion for teaching and learning.


Satvika Kumar

Founder, CEO

I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that girls think STEM is hard. Topics like computer science, physics and engineering are notorious for being difficult and many think that "only boys are good at it." But that is not at all the case. These areas take practice and persistence just like anything else. Often the perceived difficulty is the biggest barrier to getting started and that is one of the roadblocks that we are working to break down.

Christina Wei

Social Media Officer, UVA


Lillian Wang

Program Lead -Virginia
Thomas Jefferson(TJHSST)



Outreach Officer, UVA
2015- Present


Shweta Kumar

Senior Director
2013- Present

Neel Anand

Neel Anand

President of Delaware LPP Chapter
Freshman @ Charter School of Wilmington 2016-Present


Bhuvanesh Murali

Technical Lead, UVA

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from education, research, policy, and the industry and instrumental in shaping LPP to forge its way in the education sector, enhancing education, one school at a time.


Dr Evan Glazer

Principal Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

One of our biggest supporters and mentors is Dr. Evan Glazer, Principal of TJHSST. He has personally guided us in this process since the early beginings. He has been a mentor, educator and promoter of tools that can enhance learning. He Helped Ms. Kumar tackle her JOSTI grant award, from design, to tool development to presentation at the conference and beyond.
Asha B

Asha Balakrishnan

Research Staff Member, Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI).

Prof Barr

Professor Barr

Professor, Developmental Psychologist, Georgetown University


Samhita Kumar

Global public health and international development specialist.


Casey Coleman

Group Vice President
Unisys Federal Systems Civilian Agencies

Ken Nysmith

Mr.Kenneth Nysmith

Principal Nysmith School, Virginia
Sponsor of the Ist firsthack hackathon


Niranjana Rengarajan

Social Media Analyst, Cisco









Upcoming Events

This year's #firsthack will completely change your approach to programming and computer science!" Mentors will guide students to experience tools and applications, conduct lessons in programming that will cultivate interests in computer science.


2020 - Delaware Stay Tuned

# Firsthack- 2020

Speaker: To be Announced

  • To be announced. Stay Tuned!
    Email: admin@learningpathwaysproject.org

To be Announced Stay Tuned


Speaker: To Be Announced

  • For Sponsorship, Mentors, Participants, Contact Lillian Wang
    Program Lead Virginia
    Thomas Jefferson High School (TJHSST)
    Email: admin@learningpathwaysproject.org

To Be Announced Stay Tuned


Speaker: TBD

  • For Sponsorship, Mentors, Participants, Contact Satvika Kumar
    President of LPP
    Email: admin@learningpathwaysproject.org

Do you want to build a better tomorrow?

We always welcome opportunities and ideas to improve our work. We encourage teaming, mentoring and partnerships. This is a grassroots movement and I believe that together we can make a difference to make it a leveled playing field. To contact us, please email admin@learningpathwaysproject.org

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