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At ScribeDoc, we're committed to delivering creative, innovative solutions that enables our agencies to transform their missions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

8(a) Sole Source with ScribeDoc

As a woman and minority owned 8(a) certified business, Government Agencies can directly contract with ScribeDoc using sole-source acquisition up to a ceiling of $4 million. This streamlined procurement process keeps administration costs to a minimum and saves time in the procurement process. Contracts are awarded in days, not weeks or months.

Additionally, recent changes now allow 8(a) organizations to team with other organizations, bid on contracts together,and streamline the process by which 8(a) contracts are awarded.

If you're interested in a 8(a) sole source with ScribeDoc, contact us at or 703-273-7110 in order to discuss project details such as price estimates, time frame, and technical requirements.

Steps for 8(A) Sole Source Contacting with ScribeDoc

E-mail 8(a) Offering Letter to Contact your Contracting Officer (CO) or Agency Small Business Specialist for assistance and provide a package that includes the requirements description, estimated period of performance, applicable NAICS code, anticipated dollar value, etc. Your CO will send an Offering Letter to the SBA requesting permission to conduct sole source negotiations with ScribeDoc.

The Offering Letter must be emailed to and include the following information:

  • A description of the work to be performed;
  • The estimated period of Performance;
  • The NAICS Code that applies to the principal nature of the acquisition
  • The anticipated dollar value of the requirement, including options, if any;
  • Any special restrictions or geographical limitations on the requirement;
  • The location of the work to be performed for construction procurements;
  • Any special capabilities or disciplines needed for contract performance;
  • The type of contract to be awarded, such as firm fixed price, cost reimbursement, or time and materials;
  • The acquisition history, if any, of the requirement;
  • The names and addresses of any small business contractors which have performed on this requirement during the previous 24 months;
  • A statement that prior to the offering no solicitation for the specific acquisition has been issued as a small business set-aside, or as a small disadvantaged business set-aside if applicable, and that no other public communication (such as a notice in the Commerce Business Daily/FBO) has been made showing the procuring activity's clear intent to use any of these means of procurement;
  • Identification of any specific participant that the procuring activity contracting officer nominates for award of a sole source 8(a) contract, if appropriate, including a brief justification for the nomination, such as one of the following:(i) The Participant, through its own efforts, marketed the requirement and caused it to be reserved for the 8(a) BD program; or(ii) The acquisition is a follow-on or renewal contract and the nominated concern is the incumbent;
  • Bonding requirements, if applicable;
  • Identification of all Participants which have expressed an interest in being considered for the acquisition;
  • Identification of all SBA field offices which have requested that the requirement be awarded through the 8(a) BD Program;
  • A request, if appropriate, that a requirement whose estimated contract value is under the applicable competitive threshold be awarded as an 8(a) competitive contract; and any other information that the procuring activity deems relevant or which SBA requests.
  • Include a Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Include contact person's name, telephone, E-mail address, physical address, and FAX Number.

    Please address the 8(a) Offering Letter to:
    Julie Clowes, Deputy District Director
    8(a) Business Development
    Washington Metropolitan Area District Office
    740 15th Street, NW; Third Floor
    Washington, DC 20005

    The SBA will confirm eligibility of ScribeDoc and authorize negotiations. Negotiations between ScribeDoc and your CO can now begin. Following completion of negotiations, have your CO prepare a contract award document and send to ScribeDoc for signature. Once the signed contract from ScribeDoc has been received, your CO can sign the contract and send it to SBA.