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Cloud Services

At ScribeDoc, we're committed to delivering creative, innovative solutions that enables our clients to transform their missions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Cloud Services

Agencies are mandated to adopt cloud computing benefits to maximize capacity utilization, enhance IT responsiveness, and reduce cost. We at ScribeDoc have a team of industry experts to help organizations navigate these challenges to deliver tangible results. We offer full-lifecycle services ranging from strategy and transition planning and sequencing, application migration, development, and operational maintenance.

Cloud Strategy and Planning

We help in areas in relation to cloud data strategies, portfolio management, transition planning and sequencing, enterprise architecture, calculating (ROI), risk assessment and governance service areas. ScribeDoc team helps clients to "make the business case" for migrating to the cloud. How we approach is based on a data and technology driven diagnostic approach. Our strategic planning involves identifying the drivers, key factors and challenges and providing best practices to mitigate the challenges and helping migrate to cloud. We provide estimating and economic analysis of alternatives to support the selection of the right cloud implementation strategy for our client's organization.

Cloud Pilots

We offer a secure "lab-as-a-service" model using an on-premise, hybrid cloud environment that allows us to evaluate new and emerging technologies as well as demonstrate progress on specific cloud solutions for customers. As a result, we are able to help customers quickly pilot applications within our pilot environ Our customers find this rapid pilot approach gives them the answers they need – and the confidence to move forward.

Cloud Migration

ScribeDoc can help migrate federal agencies to the Cloud using technologies such as OpenShift on AWS. Migrating legacy applications to provide near-term success in their journey to the Cloud. Once migrated, we can evaluate to see if adding advanced features such as dynamic scalability, load-balancing, high-availability, fault-tolerance, and Disaster Recovery (DR) can enhance the application environment.

Cloud Development

Applications are able to deliver transformational capabilities such as real-time resource auto-scaling, intelligent content distribution, intelligent memory optimization, and more if developed in the cloud. We can help with new system development, modernization of existing systems, data management and operational systems optimization and support. It can also help dynamically leverage services such as Hadoop Data and Analytics among others.

ScribeDoc team of industry experts will help agencies by delivering best-in-class, full-lifecycle cloud services – helping government customers prepare, migrate, and manage their cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading Cloud Service Provider for the Federal Government, and we are proud to support Amazon Web Services (AWS). We can help you at every step in your journey to the Cloud – from Strategy and Planning through Migration/Development and Deployment, and through Operations and Maintenance.

Want to learn more about how Cloud Solutions can help your organization? Our team is ready to help – contact us today!