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Program Management

ScribeDoc is specialized in medical readiness and healthcare program management services functions with extensive experience in program management and support led by a forward thinking team.

Program Management and Mission Support

ScribeDoc is a mission-driven, health and enterprise program management firm with a solid reputation for innovative and quality solutions. ScribeDoc's mantra is "Excellence through smart teams and smart solutions." - employing smart people who create smart solutions that save the Government time and money. We provide program management, technical operations and maintenance support services for several federal civilian agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD) organizations since the past 18 years. ScribeDoc project management and integrated support services expertise results in transformational change, operational efficiency, and performance optimization to federal customers.

Our management and support is led by a forward thinking team. A Chief Medical Officer, a board certified physician (MD) with over 25 years primary care experience, well versed in health policy, pain management, opioid tapering and electronic record systems and management leads our healthcare efforts. He is supported by a team of health care SME's in areas like Military Readiness, Veteran's Health, Public Health, Health Assessments, Medical, Behavioral Health and Mental Health, Medicare and Medicaid Services. A Public Health and Mental Health Expert leads our public health and readiness team. She is an accomplished mental health and development specialist using mental health and psychosocial support as a paradigm for improving development outcomes in projects on violence prevention, readiness and health crisis like Ebola. She has a Master's degree in Public Health from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, with a focus on epidemiology and health and experience working with the World Bank, WHO and the Carter Center.

ScribeDoc Healthcare and Medical Services personnel work in tandem with, and compliment, our IT specialists by providing valuable subject matter expertise and healthcare domain knowledge that enables our IT division personnel to design, develop, test, implement and maintain technology based solutions to solve complex problems faced by public health organizations. We specialize in providing technical solutions, deep functional and domain subject matter expertise, operational intelligence and advanced architected solutioning support services including customer experience, program management, administrative and technical support in IT, health, data, analytics, cloud computing and agile development.

ScribeDoc works with military supporting the military readiness mission supporting war fighters across the globe. Our support includes program management, technical SMEs, analytical support, data management, records management, SharePoint content management support and tons of technical training.

  • Program/Mission Enggement:
  • ScribeDoc team will proactively enables the business to have the right visibility to and the right channels to address program/business issues. ScribeDoc shall provide, update, and maintain a formal Project Management Plan (PMP) that includes the following key components: Project initiation activities, Critical path identification, and dependencies, Issue tracking, escalation, and resolution, Operational change request approval and tracking, Schedule/milestone tracking and resource allocation, Budget management, expenditure control, and project earned value as mutually agreed, Deliverable/product review and approval and other acceptance criteria.
  • Program and Project Management Services:
  • We help customers conceive, design, plan, manage, and execute government projects and programs missions. We offer comprehensive expertise, solutions for reviewing, revising, and realigning the projects and programs within the program portfolio. Our program management work is led by a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
  • Management and Strategy Consulting:
  • ScribeDoc consultants conducts strategy sessions, in-depth studies, and management consulting for government and industry leaders working in an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment. We have extensive experience working at the interfaces of agencies and can bring together stakeholders with the right perspectives to inform planning, studies, and program management.
  • Facilitation and Decision Support:
  • ScribeDoc staff has facilitated more than 89 workshops, roadmaps, and collaborative decision-making sessions for our government contract leaderships. Our professionally trained facilitators lead diverse groups to reach consensus among experts and competing stakeholders to find common ground that leads to practical action.
  • Surveys:
  • We design data collection instruments, assess the reliability and validity of data received, and prepare comprehensive reports and analyses of qualitative and quantitative data. Our staff also surveys industry experts using structured interviews with supporting analysis that cross-references responses with published data to help validate findings.
  • Advisory:
  • ScribeDoc team serves as an advocate for the customer. Serve as a resource for advice on implementation issues and support the appointed stakeholders and representatives on related working groups. Coordinate with existing systems and management to generate compliance data for monthly briefings to higher authority and support the development of quarterly compliance reports for the customer.Provide functional expertise and support to the customer leadership, including preparation of briefs and taskers, contributing to development of policy and guidance, and drafting responses to audits and other inquiries. Support customer initiatives (e.g. Manager's Internal Control Program, referral compliance) that align with or are impacted by the program. Serve as a resource for advice on program implementation issues and facilitates training of web-based tools to the field.
  • Forecast Management
  • ScribeDoc SME's develop forecast of demand for customer call center. Help develop monthly forecast and assist with reporting and analytics. Support field commanders and stakeholders to generate compliance for their monthly forecasts. Continual coordination with representatives or commanders is made 100% of the time; and all forecasts and reports are accurately prepared in advance of required timeframes no less than 90% of the time.
  • Liaison Support
  • ScribeDoc managers supporting the customer project manager will provide liaison and assist with obtaining emergency referral services for those requiring immediate intervention as identified during screening activities. Historically, these activities frequently occur on weekends Provide liaison between the field and program offices regarding the use of electronic tools for accessing and completing the applications or data on a weekly basis (via conference call). Communicate and monitor problems with access to electronic tools and platforms. Ensure appropriate coordination between program and other agencies (Health Affairs, LOD, on an ongoing basis) and meet with the stakeholder management on a monthly basis and exchange information with their representatives.
  • Technology & Application Support
  • ScribeDoc SME's work with technical support and programmers of related data systems to ensure operability. We support and monitor and assist with developing business logic for continual improvement of dashboard, as it relates to policy affecting activities. Identify obstacles in technology or process that interfere with program completions or implementations and coordinate effective marketing/training approaches to correct them.Work within the existing reporting systems to ensure that representatives are providing information (and/or account access and training), in order to accomplish effective monthly tracking. Develop, coordinate and disseminate standard operating procedures as necessary to strengthen program compliance and implementation. We review, evaluate and compile information regarding service member access to the available methods of completing customer's (online, access database, Call Center, and Site Visit). We coordinate and share observations and lessons learned and provide recommendations for process or technology improvement.